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Taking ACTion

Our philosophy is to meet people where they are and give them the tools to ACT. In our programming we offer various ways that folks can Affirm, Confront, and Transform to make inclusive changes at the individual, peer group/community, and system levels.


Our fee for service programs are open to businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, community and faith groups, and government agencies. From workshop to planning, the programs are incrementally longer and more robust. 

ACTion training provides clients with the tools to lead similar discussions within their own organizations.

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Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development offerings are currently LeadDIVERSITY and the Transformational Leadership Program (offered in partnership with Bellevue University). These programs are designed for professionals who are seeking a deeper commitment to becoming equity-builders and diversity and inclusion leaders in their organizations.

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As our community grows increasingly diverse and complex, there perhaps has never been a stronger need for programs and initiatives which promote tolerance, respect and inclusion through education and advocacy.


We offer educational programming for students of all ages. IncluCity is our 4-day residential camp offered to high school students tackling topics of identity, intersectionality, and bias. IncluCity Middle is an after school program that unpacks similar topics through age appropriate syllabi. IncluCity Elementary is currently in development. For the post-secondary level, we offer the Dialogue Project, following the Table Talk model.

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Organizations which embrace diversity
– people from many different backgrounds –
will benefit in multiple ways.


Omaha Table Talk is our flagship community program, offering a brave space to have difficult conversations and learn from one another. Since 2019, this program has consistently expanded to center community-specific topics and voices through Queer Table Talk, AAPI Table Talk, and Native + Indigenous Table Talk

Community Dialogue is a fee for service option of Table Talk that is available to any group or organization wishing to have these conversations with their own audience.

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This program is one of the most impactful weekends of my life and I feel like it opens your eyes to a different way of thinking about the problems society and ourselves make unconsciously.

Omaha North Student

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