I learned from IncluCity that stopping the injustices of the world begins with me.

-Creighton Prep Student

We frequently receive calls from Parents, Educators and Businesses who are looking for resources.

Whether you are searching for information to help you personally, as a resource for someone else or to begin to create a more accepting environment for those around you, we’ve compiled some sources to assist you. Please feel free to contact our professional staff to help guide you and provide you with more detailed resources, as well as opportunities to engage in Inclusive Communities’ critical human relations programming. We can be reached at 402-391-4460.

For Parents

As a parent, it’s increasingly challenging to guide your child along the path to becoming a successful adult. You have high hopes for their academic achievements and want the best for your child in every way. Sometimes your child will encounter bumps along the way or need some additional help. Sometimes you find yourself answering questions or confronting issues you had never considered before.

At Inclusive Communities, our youth programming provides a safe and respectful environment where students examine their own biases and prejudices; discover ways to dismantle stereotypes; build lasting cross-cultural relationships; learn ways to peacefully resolve conflict; and become allies for one another. When your children return home from our residential programs, you may find they are more outspoken and open; or they are more reserved and contemplative.

Parents often contact us with questions about bullying. This is a widespread problem in our society. Many schools have incredible guidance staff to help you along the way and there are many resources available, if you only knew where to look. We’ve compiled a brief list of possible resources and some links to some resources out there to consider – both materials which exist online or organizations who are doing great work in the their field. For some youth, they may need access to resources based upon their sexual orientation or gender expression. For others, they could benefit from a mentor or a counselor. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or additional suggestions.

Suggested Reading

For Educators

As an educator, you have an enormous job – trying to minimize the distractions in your classroom, ensure students are meeting the mark in your subject area and continually find new ways to engage today’s busy youth in innovate and socially responsible ways. We often get calls from educators who are looking for assistance in supplementing their current curriculum, providing follow-up from our youth programming or wondering about workshops we could facilitate for school staff, school leadership or groups of youth.

The world is moving at a faster pace every day and data and resources are constantly being updated. The internet has made the world seem much smaller, but finding all of the resources you need can be a challenge. We’ve compiled some resources which may assist you in your lesson plans and some links to organizations which have the most up-to-date data to supplement your textbooks and research. Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions of resources we should add to the Suggested Reading List and links we’ve provided.

Suggested Reading

For Business/Community

We live in a global economy where workforce diversity has become an essential business concern. In the information age, the greatest asset for organizations is their people and there is fierce competition for the best and the brightest. Innovative, savvy organizations recognize the competitive advantage of having a diverse workforce where a variety of backgrounds and ideas strengthen not only the culture of an organization but the critical thinking skills of everyone within the organization.

Organizations which prosper have the capacity to effectively solve problems, rapidly adapt to new situations, readily identify new opportunities and quickly capitalize on them. This capacity can be measured by the range of talent, experience, knowledge, insight, and imagination available in their workforces. In recruiting employees, successful companies recognize conformity to the status quo as a distinct disadvantage. In addition to their job-specific abilities, employees are increasingly valued for the unique qualities and perspectives that they can also bring to the table. According to Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, Director of Diversity for Microsoft, true diversity is exemplified by companies that “hire people who are different – knowing and valuing that they will change the way you do business.”

Whether you are interested in connecting with us to learn more about workshops or conversations we could facilitate for your organization or you are looking for enhanced resources for your human resources department, diversity team or inclusion initiative, Inclusive Communities would love to be a partner in the success of your business. Please see the Suggested Reading List and links listed here and be sure to reach out to us for any questions about our programs or services.

Suggested Reading


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