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Action Workshop

Workshops are available in 2-hour to half or full day formats and designed for all ages and sectors of our community.

Workshops can cover a range of topics such as Identity, Intersectionality, Systems of Advantage, Socialization and Implicit Bias, Allyship, Microaggressions and Intentional Inclusion.

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Learning Outcomes

Build understanding of personal and social identity concepts

Explore identity self-analysis

Learn about visible and non-visible identities

Explore ideas of discrimination and privilege at the personal and interpersonal levels

Provides space to share personal experiences with the various “-isms”

Recognize the role of socialization in shaping core personal beliefs/biases and breaking out of these where necessary

Develop skills to be an active listener and engage in dialogue rather than debate

Recognize the difference between equity and equality

Identify problematic communication models, microaggressions and forms of verbal discrimination

Develop the means to resolve conflict using empathy and inclusivity

Learn how to create more inclusive workspaces and communities

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