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Action Series

From leadership development to cross-cultural communication and inclusive office culture, the Action Series prepares participants to go beyond “Taco Tuesdays” and language policing to truly understanding diversity and inclusion’s impact on employee performance, group think, and productivity.

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This is a 4 to 6-workshop series equipping business and nonprofit professionals with the language and knowledge necessary to recruit & retain a diverse workforce while demonstrating a top-down company value of inclusivity. Action Series includes presentations from experts, facilitated dialogues, and interactive skills training. Throughout this customized course, participants develop a better understanding of how their customers’ and employees’ diverse identities impact how they perceive and experience their organizations, workspaces, services, and community.

If one Workshop isn’t enough, our Series helps you set your organization up for success by guiding you through the various ways that you can make your workplace more inclusive with a series of short workshops.

The time between each workshop that you opt for in our Series allows you and your employees to apply new knowledge. It also provides the opportunities to practice inclusive behaviors and more thoughtful ways of communicating.

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