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Tiffiny Clifton poses with a blue muppet with yellow hair and eyebrows. Tiffiny is wearing big sunglasses.

Tiff Clifton

Tiffiny C. Clifton –  serves as the Executive Director of Gotta Be Me, Inc. promoting the inclusion of children and adults with disabilities into our communities, creating a culture that is brimming with life, dignity, and growth – for all people. Radical Inclusion and Positive Quality of life is our goal every day. It’s what gets her up every day and keeps her moving toward continuing to be a shining light in our community, making it a happier, healthier, and safer place by creating opportunities for people with all abilities to come together, to become who they want to be, without limits. This work is deeply personal because it is inspired by Tiffiny’s brother who was an all-abilities superstar.

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