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Lachelle Rankins


Lachelle Rankins joined Inclusive Communities in May 2022. Her love of IC started in 2016 when she started volunteering as an Omaha Table Talk facilitator and later became a contract facilitator. As Director of Strategic Partnerships, Lachelle’s focus will be on fundraising, development, grant-writing, and building partnerships and relationships with individuals and organizations. Lachelle has a varied work history and has spent time doing everything from customer service to small business underwriting and risk mitigation. She also once worked as a door-to-door bookseller! Before making the leap to the non-profit sector in 2018, Lachelle worked at LinkedIn, where she managed large enterprise accounts and was an office lead for an employee resource organization, the social impact team, and a culture champion.

Lachelle lives in and is an involved member of the Omaha Community – she spends her time, talent, and treasure volunteering with several local civic and non-profit organizations. She really wants to make a difference in the world and leave her corner of the world better than when she found it.

Lachelle loves reading, traveling, learning new things, cooking, hanging out with friends and family (especially her three adorable nephews), and she is lowkey obsessed with popular culture. In case you’re curious, her love language(s): physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation; yes, it was a three-way tie. According to Gallup her top five Clifton Strengths are: Strategic, Maximizer, Ideation, Adaptability, and Relator.

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