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Candi Jones


Candias “Candi” Jones is the Vice President of Human Resources/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Community Health Development Partners. She is also the owner of Coaching with Candi, LLC. ( Candi has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, people management, talent development, policy and compliance and racial equity program development. As a survivor of sexual trauma and domestic violence, Candi is heavily engaged and vested in healing trauma, and creating opportunities for people to engage authentically and show up better not only for one another but also in any space they choose. With an extensive background in both corporate and non-profit communities, she offers a unique perspective on personal and professional development and about how self-awareness influences results. The cornerstone of her professional work and community advocacy is built upon how she values infusing grace, love and intentionality into all she does.   As a skilled trainer, facilitator and speaker Candi uses her gift of storytelling to create the personal shifts needed to have difficult conversations and make personal and sustainable changes, thus influencing systems level outcomes.

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