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Amber Strozier

Amber is an Omaha native that recently moved back after 11 years in the Greater Kansas City Area . A teacher at heart, Amber enjoys helping others connect the dots to create amazing “aha” moments in their areas of service. Whether through volunteerism or consulting and contracting partnerships, Amber views all work as an opportunity to serve. Her unique background in Agriculture, Economics, Business and even Early Childhood Education has given Amber a diverse toolkit from which to serve. Amber’s experience in traditional and retail corporate leadership only enhanced her work as a grade school teacher and eventually a Director of multiple early learning centers in Kansas City. The powerful common denominator for Amber in these different areas of work and service is people. At her core, Amber believes that our connection to people is one of life’s greatest, and most underrated, gifts. Amber’s pride and joy is her family – her “why.” Amber and her husband Noah have been together since college and have been married since 2010. Their primary focus is homeschooling their 6 children. Noah’s secondary focus is on their commercial and trucking insurance business (Ark Insurance LLC), with Amber’s secondary focus being consulting and contract services. Their goal….with the help of God, is to positively impact the world around them – one connection at a time and have a ball doing it!

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