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Rev. Dr. Denise Donnell

Denise is all about the truth.

She is a truth-seer, a truth-seeker and a truth-teller.

She devotes all of her time and energy telling the truth about the truth.

The truth about her bio is that none of the academic accomplishments it boasts have anything to do with her personal goals. Denise is an unwilling victim of various systems of oppression that have inadvertently positioned her to be one who can engage people from all walks of life in ways that are meaningful, significant and memorable.

A Bachelor’s degree in English (Jackson State University, 1994) makes her articulate.

A Master’s degree in Secondary Education (University of Mississippi, 1996) helps people hear.

A Master’s in Divinity (Perkins School of Theology, 2003) characterizes her as faithful.

A doctorate in Educational Leadership (Jackson State University, 2008) proves that information is the greatest tool of all to affect change.

When Denise is not engaged in conversations about the truth, she spends her time reading, writing, sketching, playing the piano and throwing away all the food she cooks because is too nasty to eat.

You can find Denise live on Facebook at 9A Tuesday and Thursday mornings hosting and co-hosting local community radio talk shows and Tuesday nights at 7P for a non-traditional Bible study.

Everyone is always welcome to lend their voices to the dialogue

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