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Gabrielle Felder


Gabrielle is a diversity, equity, and inclusion educator who grounds herself in the cross-cultural work of brilliant scholars and theorists who came before her.

Originally from Orange County, California, Gabrielle completed her undergraduate education at University of California, Santa Barbara. She graduated in 2018 with honors, receiving two degrees: Ecology and Evolution, B.S. and Biological Anthropology, B.A. In June 2020, Gabrielle graduated from University of Washington School of Public Health with a Master’s in Environmental and Occupational Health.

Her background in public health and environmental health strengthened Gabrielle’s ability to work with healthcare providers, community advocates, environmental scientists, and mental health practitioners around diversifying community outreach and engagement within marginalized communities.

When she’s not working on one of her many projects, Gabrielle enjoys eating sushi with her partner, watching reality TV, and playing with her two cats and puppy.

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