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Embracing One’s Light

March 2, 2024

by Ang, Communications Manager

“You’re too humble.” It’s a phrase I’ve heard countless times, and each time it leaves me pondering its meaning. How can one possibly be “too” humble when humility is regarded as a virtue? This observation has followed me throughout my life, influencing how I perceive myself and interact with the world.

At almost thirty-four years old, I’ve amassed a decent collection of achievements that, in solitude, I express my pride. From winning several art awards to showcasing my work at the local and national level, continuing to be an All-American athlete well into the age considered past the prime of your sport, and even succeeding at new creative endeavors with no prior experience, I’ve navigated various challenges and conquered significant obstacles. Yet, when it comes time to talk about myself, I find that I downplay these accomplishments, choosing instead to highlight community work and the achievements of those around me.

Reflecting on this pattern, I realize that it may stem from my upbringing as the middle child of three. In a family dynamic where attention was often divided, I learned to do just enough to not take the attention away from my siblings. This meant that I often found solace in the shadows. The shadows are comfortable, quiet, and unassuming. But, they also carry the risk of being overlooked and the challenge of asserting one’s voice.

In a world that often equates humility with self-effacement, finding the balance between acknowledging one’s accomplishments and remaining grounded can be daunting. But, humility, I’ve come to realize, is not about denying our light; it’s about embracing it with authenticity and grace. It’s about owning our story and sharing it unapologetically, not out of arrogance, but out of a genuine appreciation for the journey that has brought us where we are today.

So, the next time someone tells me, “You’re too humble,” I’ll take it as a reminder to shine my light a little brighter, to share my story with confidence, and to embrace the fullness of who I am. True humility, I believe, isn’t found in concealing our talents, but in generously sharing them with the world, understanding that our value isn’t measured solely by the accolades we receive, but by the positive influence we have on those around us.

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